Back End: Docker Containers
and DevOps

The 'back end' of the Cash Stack is concerned with the REST API layer and all the layers below it. This software has been conveniently packaged in Docker containers that can mount pre-synced databases. The pre-synced databases can be downloaded over IPFS from from the Cash Strap page.


Back-End Software

The software repositories below are used to create Docker containers for running the back-end infrastructure of the Cash Stack. They can be used to mount the pre-synced databases, downloadable from IPFS via the Cash Strap page.

The software below is complex. We try to simplify it by using Docker containers, but the learning curve can be rough. offers access to hosted infrastructure, but is not a 'walled garden'. We offer the software below for anyone who wants to run their own infrastructure.

bch-api REST API

A REST API based on node.js and the Express.js framework. It abstracts the full node and indexer layers into a single common REST interface.

Full Nodes

Full nodes are the most basic piece of infrastructure for interacting with a blockchain. We maintain Docker containers for BCHN and eCash full nodes.


Fulcrum is the most performant indexer available for BTC, BCH, and eCash (XEC) blockchains. It implements the Electrumx protocol used by the Electrum series of wallet software. This indexer provides UTXO, address balance, and transaction history needed by any wallet app.

SLP Indexer

The psf-slp-indexer crawls the blockchain and tracks all SLP tokens and NFTs on the blockchain. This indexer is required for any application that needs to interact with tokens.

Pay-to-Write Database

The pay-to-write database (P2WDB) is a censorship resistent database. It's similar to a blockchain, but better optimized for data. Each write can contain up to 10 KB of data. It serves an important role when building cryptocurrency apps, since blockchains are not optimized for storing data.

IPFS Service Provider

This Docker container communicates with bch-api in order to proxy the API calls over the IPFS network. This is a core piece of software that enables the 'web3' version of the Cash Stack.

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