Get the Help Your Business Needs is part of the Permissionless Software Foundation, a network of independent developers around the globe, focusing on Bitcoin Cash. We can help connect you with the developer resources your company needs. can provide the developer talent to help you achieve your business goals. We specialize in developing infrastructure and the software maintained by the PSF.

If you have an app idea and would like help from, we are available for at a rate of $100 per hour for long-term contracts (a month or longer), or $150 per hour for short-term tasks.

This Telegram channel is moderated by staff from It was created for entrepreneurs to find developers who have experience with SLP tokens and Bitcoin Cash. It's a simple, free way for you to find an independent developer or your next employee.

Need an Online Store? We've got you covered.

Many business owners simply need an online shopping cart where customers can purchase goods for Bitcoin Cash. We can install a simple Wordpress store that allows you to display goods, and allows customers to pay in Bitcoin Cash or tokens.

Here is the cost breakdown for this service. Contact us for details of these costs.

  • Setup: $2,000 (one time fee)
  • Hosting: $100 (per month)
  • Maintence: $100 (per hour)

We encourage entrepreneurs to maintain their own store inventory, or hire someone that we can train to do so. But can do that if there is no other option, at the maintenance cost list above.

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Want to accept BCH in your existing website? We've got that too.

If you already have an existing website, and simply want to give users an option to pay in BCH, we've got a solution for that too. Every merchant's website is a little different, but we can work with your website manager to insert a 'Buy Now' button.

Check out our simple demo showing an embedded 'Buy Now' button, allowing easy payment with BCH.

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Need Something More Advanced? We've got that too.

We can build custom crypto apps for your business too. We generally build web-apps first, and then compile them into Android and iOS apps. See examples in our portfolio:

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Here is a list of custom services that offers:

  • Architecture: Designing the infrastructure and communication flow for a custom app for your business
  • App development: Building custom apps for your business
  • Infrastructure: Setup and management of crypto infrastructure for your business
  • Developer recruitment: We can help you find developers to hire
  • Developer screening: Testing the skills of potential hires
  • Developer management: Project management and coordinating work among a team

Read more about our management and development practices in these blog posts:

But we can't do it all. Some skills are outside our expertise. When these are needed, we can help you find additional resources for your project, but can not take responsiblity for the execution:

  • Design: color pallets, graphics, and aesthetics
  • Native apps: We can build an app for iOS and Android, but not with native features like the camera or NFC.
  • Website development: We focus on crypto apps, not on websites. A lot of other contractors can do this.
  • General apps: We focus on crypto apps. If the app doesn't involve cryptocurrency, we'll help you partner with a general app design company.
  • App stores: We can not help you get your app into the iOS or Google app stores. That is often a full-time job in itself.

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