Get Started Quick

These bite-sized example applications show you how to create a wallet, send BCH, create SLP tokens, read and write text to the blockchain, and more. Each example acts like a lego block, showing you how to build your way towards common business solutions.

Getting Started Tutorial

Increasing Rate Limits

Want More? Check this out.

The examples above are great to start with, but they are a long way from turn-key business solutions. These more advanced examples allow you to quickly integrate Bitcoin Cash and SLP tokens into your application.

Testnet Faucet

Try out the examples above with free testnet coins, available from this faucet. Most developers will prefer to work direclty on mainnet, but when starting out, it's sometimes easier to start by working on the testnet.

Explorer UI

Visually interact with the REST API. Great for debugging and exploring the potential of apps interacting directly with the blockchain. Each endpoint is covered in more detail by the bch-api documentation.

Automatic JWT Handling

This demo app shows how to integrate automatic JWT token handling into your application. All you need to worry about is topping up your account with BCH. This app will automatically validate, retrieve, and renew the JWT access token for the our API.

SLP Wallet Library

This npm library can be added to your project to instantly give it the ability to work with BCH and SLP tokens. It doubles as a command line interface (CLI) wallet app. It's an HD wallet with an emphasis on privacy best-practices.