Front-End: Web & Phone Apps

Learn how to fork to build your own custom web or phone app that can interact with the BCH or eCash blockchains.

The web wallet is based on the Gatsby framework using React components. We provide Starters, Themes, and Plugins, and the app can be compiled into native iOS and Android apps using Capacitor.

Gatsby Starters, Themes, and Plugins

Armed with a firm understanding of Gatsby Starters, Themes, and Plugins, you'll be ready to leverage the code repositories below. For building Plugins, you'll also need to have a firm grasp of Component Shadowing and Extending shadowed components.


A Gatsby Starter for quickly customizing your own web wallet app.


The heart of the web wallet. All other parts are built around this Gatsby Theme.

TX Plugin

This TX history plugin is the simplest template to follow for your own plugins.

Example Web Apps

These are just a few of the web apps that have been built with the tools above.

Our official wallet includes the ability to sweep coins and tokens from a paper wallet, utilizing this plugin.

A communication tool for the PSF community. Send encrypted email, upload files to IPFS, and read the community feed.

End-to-end encrypted instant messaging, and developer platform for working with the JSON RPC over IPFS.

A map-based scavenger hunt game, similar to Pokemon Go. This app won first place at the 2020 Coinparty Hackathon.

Under heavy development. This app will use a censorship resistant, p2p database to curate lists of deep-web websites.

Not a web wallet, but the source of the censorship resistant publishing technology that allows web apps to be served simultaniously over the clear web, Tor, and IPFS.


These are the top plugins developed by the PSF community, which you can use to enhance your own web wallet app.


Unlocks the ability to 'sweep' coin paper wallets and token paper wallets. A conveniant 'cold storage' option, and a great way to share assets with the crypto-currious.


Cryptographically sign a message. The output of this plugin can be used to prove ownership of an address. Useful for proving ownership of a token.


The front-end component for communitcating with the Post Office back end. Allows a native token experience, by removing BCH transaction fees.

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