Front-End: Web & Phone Apps

Learn how to fork to build your own custom web or phone app that can interact with the Bitcoin Cash or eCash blockchains.

The web wallet is based on React. We provide boilerplates, plugins, and example apps. Your app can be compiled into native iOS and Android apps using Capacitor.

These graduated boilerplates start simple and increasingly add features. They are all based on Create React App and React Bootstrap.

React Boilerplates

Armed with an understanding of React and the boilerplates below, you can quickly build your own Bitcoin Cash web app. You can even compile it into an Anroid or iOS native application.


A React boilerplate to get you started quickly. This boilerplate integrates minimal-slp-wallet for talking to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. It can query balances, convert addresses, generate paper wallets, and other small, useful features. It's a great place to start!


This is the same boilerplate as react-bootstrap-web3-spa, but with CapacitorJS integrated to convert the web app to a native Android APK. Using this boilerplate will allow you to build your own Android or iOS app.


Adapted from the previous two boilerplates, this is a full-features web wallet for Bitcoin Cash. It's ready to re-brand and hack for your own purposes, and it's ready to be compiled into an Android APK. Use this boilerplate to spend more time building, and less time reinventing basic web wallet features.

Example Web Apps

These are just a few of the web apps that have been built with the tools above.

Our official wallet includes the ability to sweep coins and tokens from a paper wallet, utilizing this sweep library.


Buy and sell NFTs and fungible tokens. This decentralized exchange is trustless, peer-to-peer, and atomic. This web app allows for permissionless, non-KYC trading of tokens on multiple blockchains.

NFT Creator

NFTs are the future of digital assets. Creating NFTs needs to be cheap and easy. This app let's you create an NFT in a few seconds for only a few cents of BCH.

NFT Collector

What good is it to create NFTs if you can't show them off?! The NFT Collector app will display any NFTs held by a Bitcoin Cash address.

Paper Wallets

This is a simple app that generates a new paper wallet every time the page is reloaded. These can be printed out to store BCH and tokens. It's also a great way to gift BCH and tokens to others.

Address Converter

A simple app that converts common cryptocurrency addresses into other formats. It's a useful tool for developers that work on multiple Bitcoin forks.

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