Libraries: Supercharge Your Application

JavaScript npm libraries act as middleware 'glue' to tie the front-end application to the back-end infrastructure. They also allow developers to supercharge their applications with new featuers, and then share those features with other devlepers and applications.

bch-js is a low-level JavaScript library for generating custom Bitcoin Cash transactions. minimal-slp-wallet is high-level JavaScript library for executing common wallet features. maintains several additional libraries for specific blockchain use cases. This page lists the most popular and important libraries we maintain.


bch-js is the primary JavaScript library maintained by It provides a convient way to leverage the bch-api REST API, and it also includes many handy utilities for generating wallets and addresses, signing messages, doing encryption, and many other valuable features. All other libraries on this page depend on this base library.


A library for handling JWT tokens. This library enables your app to automatically renew JWT tokens as-needed. This allows your app to 'just work', so long as your account has credit to pay for new JWT tokens.

Watch this video for more information.


A lightweight, single-address wallet library for Bitcoin Cash. Optimized for front-end (web browser) use. This is the BCH wallet 'engine' used in and our front-end software.


This command-line wallet app is a handy tool for rapidly prototyping ideas. Because there is no graphical user interface, the burden for trying new ideas is greatly reduced. It works on both the BCH and eCash blockchains. This is a single-address wallet with full support for SLP and NFT tokens.


A utility library for reading and sending messages to addresses on the blockchain. It can detect and read blockchain messages utilizing the PS001 specification.


A small utility library for encrypting and decrypting data, using the same eliptic curve cryptography used by the Bitcoin protocol.

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