How much does cost?

You can get started for free, and paid tiers are available for businesses with greater resource needs.

Tiers:FreeTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Enterprise
Price per month:$0$9.99$19.99$29.99Contact Us
Full Node RPM:20100250600Contact Us
Indexer RPM:20100250600Contact Us
SLPDB RPM:20100250600Contact Us

RPM stands for 'requests per minute'. The row at the top indicates the tier that your API key unlocks. maintains the software infrastructure that apps need to interact with rapidly-changing Bitcoin Cash technology:

  • Archival Full Node with a full copy of the blockchain and RPC interface.

  • Multiple indexers for accessing address balances and UTXO information.

  • SLPDB for working with SLP tokens

  • REST API providing a common interface for all the other infrastructure.

  • JavaScript npm libraries and quick start examples.

Private Infrastructure

Our larger clients have us host private, customized infrastructure for them. This is the same infrastructure listed on the CashStrap page. Each instance is isolated so that only the client and the client's users have access to the resource. This is in contrast to the $14.99 per month tier, which is a shared resource.

Recommended maximum capacity is 250,000 API requests per day per instance of infrastructure. Multiple instances can be connected in parallel to scale infinately to higher loads. Prices are in USD.

InfrastructurePrice per Month
bch-api REST API$60
ABC Full Node$150
BCHN Full Node$150
ElectrumX Indexer$100
Blockbook Indexer$175
SLPDB (private, general purpose)$350
SLPDB (pooled, general purpose)$250
SLPDB (filtered)$150

SLP Tokens are very popular on the BCH and ABC blockchains, but the technology is not as mature as other full nodes and indexers. As more tokens are created and token use increases, it is becoming increasingly more expensive to run general-purpose SLP indexers. All of the SLPDB tiers above provide access to an SLPDB instance without rate limits, but the appropriate tier will depend on your specific use case.

  • General Purpose SLPDBs are the most flexible, but are increasingly more expensive to operate and more susceptible to disruption by network activity. If you need an SLPDB to make arbitrary jq database queries, or you want your own dedicated instance that is isolated from any other user, then a private instance is the most appropriate tier for your business.

  • In order to more efficiently and reliably run general purpose SLPDBs, we have a pool of SLPDBs that are load balanced. We will add or remove machines to this pool depending on network conditions. Arbitrary jq queries are not allowed, but no rate limits are imposed on bch-api instances that connect to this pool.

  • Filtered SLPDBs are the least expensive and most reliable way to run token infrastructure. These machines run a 'whitelist', and will ignore any tokens not on this list. Restricting the number of tokens makes SLPDB run much faster, with a much smaller footprint, and much less likely to be disrupted by malicious behavior on the blockchain. If your use case can operate with a filtered SLPDB, you can save money and achieve greater reliablity.