How much does cost?

You can get started for free, and paid tiers are available for businesses with greater resource needs.

Note: Free access is artifically delayed, to prevent freeloaders from overloading the system. These delays are removed for paid tiers.

Tiers:FreeTier 1Tier 2Enterprise
Price per month:$0$9.99$19.99Contact Us
Full Node RPM:10100250Contact Us
Fulcrum Indexer RPM:10100250Contact Us
SLP Indexer RPM:10100250Contact Us

RPM stands for 'requests per minute'. The row at the top indicates the tier that your API key unlocks. maintains the software infrastructure that apps need to interact with rapidly-changing Bitcoin Cash technology:

  • Archival Full Node with a full copy of the blockchain and RPC interface.

  • Multiple indexers for accessing address balances and UTXO information.

  • SLP indexer for working with SLP tokens

  • REST API providing a common interface for all the other infrastructure.

  • JavaScript npm libraries and quick start examples.

Private Infrastructure

Our larger clients have us host private, customized infrastructure for them. This is the same infrastructure listed on the CashStrap page. Each instance is isolated so that only the client and the client's users have access to the resource. This is in contrast to the $14.99 per month tier, which is a shared resource.

Recommended maximum capacity is 2 million API requests per day per instance of infrastructure. Multiple instances can be connected in parallel to scale infinately to higher loads. Prices are in USD.

InfrastructurePrice per Month
bch-api REST API$60
BCHN Full Node$150
eCash Full Node$150
Fulcrum ElectrumX Indexer$100
SLP Indexer$100